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RSO Resources

University Policy 6-401a

This policy outlines guidance and expectations for all RSOs at the University of Utah.

RSO Advisor Form

All RSO advisors must complete the advisor form. If your department is interested in sponsoring a student organization, please fill out this form in its entirety. We require approval from the Dean/Department Head for sponsoring RSOs. For any questions about RSO sponsorship, please email us at

RSO Classifications

As defined by University of Utah policy 6-401a, Recognized Student Organizations fall into 3 categories: Registered, Affiliated, and Sponsored. Learn more about the classifications here.

Bystander Intervention Training

All RSOs must have 3 officers complete the University's Bystander Intervention training, as required by SB-134. Here you can find the training and additional information.

Sample Constitution

All RSOs must have a constitution in order to be recognized each year. Check out our sample constitution to get started today. You can easily use this as a template for your own!

Reactivating a Student Organization

Is there an organization you'd like to be involved in that is no longer active on campus? Get it reactivated! Learn more here.

Campus Connect Walkthrough

Campus Connect is an incredible resource for all things Student Organization at the U. Learn more about navigating the platform here.

Guide to Hosting Events

All student orgs at the U are able to host events. Learn more about planning and hosting events here.

Posting and Advertising

Find information about posting your advertising and marketing materials on campus.

ASUU Funding Process

RSOs can request funding from ASUU. Information about the funding process and guidelines can be found here.

Travel Funding Process

Individuals from student organizations can also request funding for travel. Information about that process can be found here.

RSO Logo Information

The University of Utah has specific rules and regulations for logo and trademark usage for all groups. Whether you are in the Registered, Affiliated, or Sponsored category, this document provides guidance on how you can use University trademarks and logos for your group.

Trademarks and Licensing

Interested in learning more about Trademarks & Licensing at the U and how we support RSOs? Find out more here.