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Thank you for celebrating our RSO community with us!

59 Nominations Received

We received 59 nominations recognizing students, staff, and organizations all across our RSO community. While we couldn't give an award for very single nomination, we are so grateful for the incredible work from all of our RSOs this year.

22 Organizations Represented

Nominations spanned across 22 different RSOs, showcasing individuals, programs, initiatives, and general organization functions for the 2023-2034 academic year.

23 Awards Presented

We presented 23 awards at our 2024 Student Org Night event. See all of the nominees and winners below!

Community & Social Program of the Year

Hungama Night, Pakistan Student Association 

Wellness Panel Discussion, Students Helping Students 

Asian American High School Conference, Asian American Student Association 

Bashanta Utshab Festival, Bangladeshi Student Association 

Play for Abdul Soccer Tournament, Arab Student Association 

Educational Program of the Year

Neurodivergence Information Session, Disability Law Student Organization 

Flavors of Palestine, Arab Student Association 

CPR Training Series, Red Cross Club 

Social Justice Initiative of the Year

Free Children’s Summer Camp Initiative, Camp Kesem 

Shut it Down for Palestine, MECHA de U of U 

Pro Bono Initiative Competition, Public Interest Law Organization 

Organization Advisor of the Year

Natasha Carlton, College of Law 

Anna Nguyen, Asian American Student Association 

Quianna Faamoe, Pacific Islander Student Association 

Student Organization Member of the Year

Aarushi Verma, Urvashis Bollywood Fusion Dance Team 

Aurora Miners, Mine Rescue Team 

Student Organization Leader of the Year

Aidan McMillan, Collegiate Chapter of the National Association for Music Education 

Avery Emery, Public Interest Law Organization 

Eben Kohtz, Student Bar Association 

Khandaker Reaz Mahmud, Bangladeshi Student Association 

Rabiul Hasan, Bangladeshi Student Association 

Radhika Bhakta, Urvashis Bollywood Fusion Dance Team 

Jacob Miranda, Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers 

Fatima Al Saedy, Arab Student Association 

New Student Leader of the Year

Syed Fahim Ahmed, Bangladeshi Student Association 

Faafeumalo Amisone, Crimson Transfer Honor Society 

Sophie Lasswell, Yoga of Stressed Out Law Students 

Jade Ngu, Asian American Student Association 

Tushita Sinha, Red Cross Club 

New Student Organization of the Year

The Urvashis Bollywood Fusion Dance Team 

Students Helping Students 

Equal Opportunity Organization of the Year

Asian American Student Association 

MECHA de U of U 

Public Interest Law Organization 

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers 

Pacific Islander Student Association 

Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity 

Student Organization of the Year

The Bangladeshi Student Association 

Camp Kesem 

MECHA de U of U 

Women’s Outdoor Leadership Initiative 

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers 

Arab Student Association 

Red Cross Club 

Congratulations to ALL of the Winners & Nominees!