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Now Accepting Nominations for the 2024 Student Org Night Awards!

Help us celebrate the amazing accomplishments of our Student Org community by submitting a nomination (or several!) for the 2024 Student Org Night. We will announce all nominees and winners at the event on April 23 from 4-6pm in the Union Saltair Room.



With over 550+ RSOs on campus, there is truly something for every student! Whether those interests are Aerospace, Poetry, K-Pop, Baking, Surfing, Identity-Based, or an area of academic interest, these student-led organizations offer something for everyone. Students are welcome to join an RSO, pursue leadership opportunities, attend events, and/or start their own RSO! Active RSOs are eligible to pursue funding through the ASUU Legislative process to support their work.



  • A Part of the University
  • Sponsored by a department
  • Advisor has responsibilities assigned
  • May have dedicated work space
  • Use of University marks
  • All financial accounts through the University
  • Donations under University tax ID#
  • Contracting as the University
  • Priority on-campus space reservations
  • Access to ASUU funding
  • Required trainings for officers (and advisors if applicable)

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