WLS 2019

Women's Leadership Summit | March 5, 2019

Registration is now open! 

Conference Co-Chairs Jessica Ashcraft, Associate Director of Student Leadership & Involvement, and Kirstin Maanum, Women's Education Specialist of the Women's Resource Center, invite you to the Women’s Leadership Summit (WLS). WLS aims for women to feel more confident as leaders by helping them build valuable skills and support networks. The program will include a keynote speaker, program sessions, and the opportunity to network with others interested in supporting women’s leadership.  

Rise Up, Lift Up

When faced with choices that affect who we are and what we want to become, we need to ask ourselves how we can impact our communities for the greater good. The 2019 Women’s Leadership Summit planning committee hopes that the stories, solutions, and actions of others will inspire participants to couple their own unique talents and identities to further their paths toward leadership. Further, we hope participants will take the knowledge learned forward and create avenues for others to join

The 2019 Women's Leadership Summit, “Rise Up, Lift Up,” will engage a broad spectrum of voices. It will allow space for participants to explore what leadership means and how to harness skills that can built on in their own lives. All breakout sessions will provide participants knowledge, skills, and/or experiences that will offer a foundation for them to inform their definition of leadership. The summit will invite participants to rise up but also lift others up with them.

Join us in the opportunity to explore leadership and celebrate the diversity of experiences that will be offered on March 5, 2019!

Interested in sharing your knowledge, skills, and experinces? Program proposals are due January 18th! 

About The Keynote


Nona Richardson

  Nona E. Richardson

Nona E. Richardson has spent 40 years as a student-athlete, coach and administrator. Her experiences have allowed her to be an effective administrator, while serving the students, athletes, coaches and fellow administrators and staff she works with.  In her current role, she serves as the Senior Associate Athletics Director/SWA at The University of Utah, overseeing student-athlete support services, as well as 7 sport programs.

Prior to her time at The U of U, Richardson served as the Executive Senior Associate AD/SWA at UC Davis, overseeing the internal operations of a department that sponsors 23 sports programs. Prior to serving in that capacity, she served as the Sr. Associate Athletic Director in charge of student athlete support services. From July 1, 2011 – August 1, 2012, Richardson served in the capacity of Interim Director of Athletics at UC Davis.

To learn more about Nona's accomplishemnts and contributions please click here.                                                                                                                                


We are grateful to our sponsors who help us provide a worth-while event each year. There are two ways that University departments and community partners can engage as a sponsor.

  • Departmental Sponsors: These Sponsors enable staff and faculty to attend the Women’s Leadership Summit by covering the registration fee at $10.00 per attendee. Departments will recieve a Promo Code for their staff or faculty to use, or be offered to staff/faculty at large who are in need of sponsorship.
  • Conference Sponsors: The Women’s Leadership Summit could not happen without the support of our Conference Sponsors. We accept donations of any amount that go towards the logistics of the conference.

For more information about sponsorship, please contact Jessica Ashcraft or Kirstin Maanum.

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Registration is free for University of Utah Students.

$10.00 for Faculty/Staff/Community members.

Faculty and Staff participants who want to attend the Women's Leadership Summit and are in need of sponsorship, please email Jessica Ashcraft or Kirstin Maanum.

If you are being sponsored by a University department or organization, please be sure to enter the Promo Code at check out. Be mindful that it is case sensitive.

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