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 ULEAD Workshops begin February 2nd.

About the ULEAD Certificate

The ULEAD certificate enables students to apply ideas and skills to leadership. They will experience individual growth by identifying strengths and weaknesses. Students will be able to identify personal values then articulate the relationships between those values and leadership behaviors and actions. Become more effective leaders as they recognize from experiences how self-management plays a role in leadership and as they evaluate personal responses to challenging situations.

Certificate Requirements

There are several requirements to obtain the ULEAD certificate. You must complete all of the requirements, preferably within 2 semesters. 

  1. Be involved in a leadership experience. (student leader positions, internships, etc.)
  2. Complete the workshop series. (6 foundational workshops and 3 supplemental workshops.)
  3. Attend 1 leadership conference. (Student Leadership Conference, Women's Leadership Summit, or C.O.D.E.)
  4. Complete 5 service hours.
  5. Write two reflections. (Reflect on how you view/define leadership and reflecting on your experiential leadership experience.)
  6. Display a visual photo/poster reflection at the Student Leadership Awards Ceremony

The Workshop Series

The 6 foundational workshops will be half a semester long, offered twice a semester. You can find dates and locations on the calender on this webpage. You will need to attend one of each of the 6 foundational workshops which are defining leadership, strengths and weaknesses, identity, values, values in action, and leadership statement. In addition to these 6 foundational workshops you will need to attend 3 supplemental workshops. These can also be found on the calender on this webpage.

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