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vacantErica Andersen, Director 

Erica serves as the Director for Student Leadership & Involvement. She supervises seven professional staff members, advises student leaders, coordinates the Leadership Studies Minor, and facilitates leadership development opportunities for students and engagement with student organizations and the campus community. Before starting in our office, she worked for Housing & Residential Education, ASUU (at the University of Utah), and in events management. Erica has a passion for student persistence and the role engagement plays within that process. Erica holds a Master's of Education from the University of Utah in the department of Education, Leadership & Policy, a BA in Communications, and BS in Environmental Studies. In her free time Erica enjoys reading, practicing yoga, and spending time in the great outdoors.

Jessica Ashcraft, Associate Director 

 Jessica is the Associate Director for Student Leadership & Involvement and works directly with ASUU’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Marketing Board, and Student Resources Board. Additionally, Jessica is responsible for organizing, directing, and maintaining the day-to-day operations of marketing, technology, student organization management and office operations.  Jessica earned her Master of Arts in Adult and Higher Education from Morehead State University and her Bachelor of Science in Animal Science from Morehead State University. Jessica is originally from Kentucky and is an avid equestrian who enjoys spending time exploring the outdoors. 

Isael Torres, Programming Advisor

Isael is the Programming Advisor for the Executive Branch of ASUU. Isael received his Master’s from the University of Utah, College of Education in the department of Education, Culture and Society. In 2016, Isael served in the Obama White House Internship Program. In September 2017, Isael spoke at TEDxSaltLakeCity on Culturally Relevant Pedagogy and the importance of educational justice for youth. Isael has worked to advocate for education access and equity with underserved communities. As Programming Advisor, Isael strives to advocate for celebrating diversity and embracing the richness within our campus community. Isael was born in Logan, Utah, as a proud son of Mexican immigrants.

Abby Feenstra, Legislative Advisor

Abby is the ASUU Legislative Advisor, serving the ASUU Senate, Assembly, Government Relations Board, Academic Affairs Board, Elections Registrar, Attorney General, and Supreme Court. Abby also handles assessment for Student Leadership & Involvement and teaches in the Leadership Studies Minor. Abby originally hails from Reno, Nevada, where she earned her Bachelor’s degree with a dual major in English Literature and Women’s Studies from the University of Nevada, and went on to earn a Master’s in Higher Education and Student Affairs Administration from the University of Vermont. Abby loves reading, long-distance running, watching football, and keeping up with national politics.

Steven Whipple, Finance Advisor

Steven is part of the Student Leadership and Involvement team and serves as ASUU’s Finance Advisor, advising the Finance Board and the Treasurers for the Student Senate and Assembly in establishing financial guidelines, communicating those to other student leaders, and enforcement procedures. In addition he oversees the financial processes of ASUU and assists in the management of Student Leadership & Involvement finances. Steven earned both a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and Master of Professional Accountancy degree from the University of Utah. He worked in finance and customer service in the private sector and then for the University of Utah.


Esther OkangAccountant-Student Orgs

Esther Okang is the Accountant for Student Organizations. Her primary role is to assist students and student organizations with ASUU funding. She served as the Chief of Staff in ASUU during the 2015-16 academic year, prior to that served both as the Associate Director and Director on the Finance Board from 2013-2015. She earned a Master’s Degree in Health Promotion and Education with a certificate in Public health from the department of Family and Preventative medicine from the University of Utah, received a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Accounting and a minor in International Development from Brigham Young University and an Associate Degree in Accounting from the LDS Business College.

 vacantRyan Rhodes, Student Orgs Coordinator

Ryan Rhodes is the Student Organizations Coordinator, serving more than 600 Recognized Student Organizations at the U. He is responsible for managing, supporting, and developing resources for the student organization community. Additionally, he supervises the Organization Resource Group and works with appointed student leaders in ASUU. Ryan earned his Master of Education in Higher Education and Student Affairs from the University of Missouri and his Bachelor of Science in Public Relations from Southeast Missouri State University. Ryan enjoys reading, listening to podcasts, running, and spending time with his Alaskan Malamute, Moki.


Jessica See, Administrative Assistant

Jessica is the administrative assistant for the Associated Students of the University of Utah. She organizes, directs and maintains the day-to-day operations of the ASUU Office. Jessica earned her Associate of Science Degree at Salt Lake Community College and is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Economics at the University of Utah. When she's not working or studying she spends most of her time outdoors with her family.

ZitlalliZitlalli Herrera, Graduate Assistant: Programming

Zitlalli Herrera is a graduate assistant for ASUU at the University of Utah. She serves as programming advisor for the First Year Council, Sustainability Board, and Campus Events Board. Her responsibilities include outreach and marketing for all ASUU events and collaboration with relevant on- and off-campus partners. She received her Associates of Science degree at Salt Lake Community College and then transferred to the University of Utah where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Zitlalli is a 1st-year graduate student pursuing an M.Ed. with an emphasis in Student Affairs. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling with her husband.  

Office Staff

Office Assistant: Hunter Casey

Office Assistant: Regan McPherson

Office Hours: 8 am – 5 pm Monday through Friday

Our office is closed on all University Holidays and Closures.

Last Updated: 1/2/19