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In the 2018-2019 Academic Year, the Department of Student Leadership & Involvement retired its old policy of rolling recognition for student organizations, and SLI established a new policy utilizing Recognition Periods. These periods are two-week windows that prospective organizations have to submit an application and complete the process. There are two recognition periods in the fall semester and one in the spring. By switching to recognition periods, new student organizations have the opportunity to meet the Organization Resource Group, learn about Campus Connect, and establish firm foundations to support their retention and their goals.

At their core, student organizations are student-centered, student-driven, and student-led. Because of this, only currently registered, matriculated University of Utah students may submit an application for student organization recognition. For additional details about the process, please carefully read the details below. 


Recognition Periods 2019 - 2020  Academic Year SEPTEMBER 1 - 13 NOVEMBER 3 - 15 FEBRUARY 2 - 14  

Step One attend info session, step two submit new student orgs application, step three ORG makes recommendation to student leadership & involvement, step four complete Campus Connect profile, step five complete annual requirements.


Benefits to Recognition

Recognized Student Organizations are eligible for a number of key benefits including, but not limited to:

  •    Free or Reduced Rates for meetings and events in on-campus buildings and spaces,
  •    Participation in campus-wide events like the Get Involved Fair(s) (formerly known as PlazaFest), Crimson Nights, Homecoming, and more 
  •    Ability to promote student organization on the campus-wide student life platform Campus Connect,
  •    Reduced Rates at University Print & Mail Services
  •    On-campus privileges and opportunities for fundraising
  •    Ability to apply for supplemental funding from the Associated Students of the University of Utah (ASUU)
  •    Support from the Organization Resource Group (ORG)—a view-point neutral team of students dedicated to the success of the RSO community
  • Recognition opportunities at the annual Student Leadership Awards

Attend Information Session

There will be several opportunities to attend a New Student Organization Information Session for each recognition cycle. Most occur the week before the recognition period begins, but there will be opportunities during the first week of the recognition period. Prospective organizations will be required to send one representative to attend one of these sessions for the period they wish to seek recognition. Please see our calendar for specific times and locations, and please plan accordingly to arrive on time for a session. 

Complete Online Bystander Intervention Training

A new law requires that education focused on victim-support resources, bystander intervention, and sexual consent be provided to student organizations. As of May 14, 2019, this new law (Senate Bill 134) requires that members of RSOs be provided with annual “Campus Safety Training” in order to receive or maintain official recognition by the University. Before an application for recognition can be approved, at minimum of three (3) officers or members of the leadership of the organization complete the online training and quiz

Submit an Application

On Campus Connect, there is a form titled New Student Organization Application that will be open during the two week recognition periods. When the application opens, you will submit the form, attaching all necessary documentation and materials. This application may only be submitted by a student. If the organization has an on-campus Advisor (not required for all groups), then the form must then be approved by the prospective organization's advisor by the application deadline. 

ORG Reviews Application

After the recognition periods has closed, the Organization Resource Group (ORG) will review the submitted materials and make a recommendation for recognition to Student Leadership & Involvement (SLI). ORG will look to ensure that the prospective organization's mission and purpose does not heavily overlap with other organizations, that there is a limited amount of associated risk, and that the group's constitution meets University & SLI standards. Student Leadership & Involvement will determine the official classification as it pertains to University Rule 6-401A.  

Complete Campus Connect training & Complete Annual Requirements

If approved, the organization's leadership have thirty (30) calendar days from the conditional approval email to meet with the Organization Resource Group (ORG) to set up the Campus Connect profile and train the organization's leadership on the benefits, privileges, and requirements of Campus Connect. They will also review benefits to being recognized, as well as discuss the annual requirements to maintain recognition, which include submitting an annual renewal request on Campus Connect and attending Administrative Training.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The purpose of recognizing student organizations at the University of Utah is to provide a structure through which students may exercise their right to freely associate in pursuit of a common purpose or goal that enhances the U of U community.  Recognized Student Organizations create opportunities for leadership development, learning, student engagement, and fostering of shared interests. This process helps new student organizations form a foundation of knowledge about navigating the university and accessing resources.

If your prospective organization does not submit an application or if an incomplete application is submitted, your prospective organization will not be considered for recognition at that time. You will need to wait until the next recognition period. Complete applications are due on Campus Connect by 5 pm on each designated deadline. 

Attending a New Student Organization Information Session is required because it gives vital details regarding the recognition process. These sessions will serve as an introduction to ORG, the recognition process, the application, university policy, Campus Connect, Student Leadership & Involvement, and more.

If an organization loses its recognition status, a representative must attend an information session to ensure they understand the recognition process in its entirety. A thorough understanding of the process will ensure that students can complete the required steps in an efficient manner.

To maintain recognition, within the academic year, student organizations must complete the annual requirements set forth by the Department of Student Leadership & Involvement. Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) must annually submit a renewal registration on Campus Connect during the renewal period. Additionally, RSOs must annually attend an Administrative Training session. 

 The new student organization application will ask for basic information about your idea for a new student organization. You will be asked to provide three student members and a constitution. Among other items, the form also asks:
  • What is the purpose of this organization?
  • Why are you interested in starting an organization?
  • Are there any other organizations on campus that share a similar purpose?
  • Has your organization ever been recognized at the U?
  • Is your prospective organization affiliated with a national organization?
  • Does your prospective organization have a relationship with a campus department or office?
To receive recognition, prospective organizations must comply with the standards set forth by the Department of Student Leadership & Involvement when composing a constitution. This ensures that all organizations are held to fair and consistent standards and ensures that all recognized organizations embody the values set forth by the University of Utah. Please click here to see a checklist of items required in a constitution.
In order to recognized as a Sport Club, the organization must maintain recognition with Student Leadership & Involvement for one academic year, and then complete additional requirements from Campus Recreation Services. The Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life may also have additional requirements for organizations seeking recognition.
Based on the Classification Policy (University Rule 6-401A), organizations classified as "Registered" are not required to have an Advisor. If an organization does not relationship with an on-campus department or office, they are not required to provide an Advisor on the application.
After receiving approval for recognition, the student organization will have thirty calendar days to complete the set-up process of their Campus Connect profile. You can schedule this meeting with ORG by utilizing the cranium café plug-in on the ORG webpage. The ORG team will train the organization on the Campus Connect platform and how to best utilize its tools for success.
Last Updated: 1/21/20