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About Student Orgs

Student Organizations at the University of Utah exist to connect people with similar interests and provide opportunities to explore ones growth as a leader. Student organizations enhance the college experience by providing opportunities to learn outside of the classroom.  No matter what your interest is you can find a home in one of our 600+ organizations. From social organizations to sports clubs, we have something for everyone!

Can’t find something that interests you? We can help you start a new one!

Not sure how to get involved or how to lead your organization? Our knowledgeable student orgs team can provide you with resources and trainings to help you get involved or run a successful organization! 

Email us at or call us at 801.581.2788

The University of Utah is a large institution and getting involved can help it feel a bit smaller. Being involved in the campus community gives you the opportunities to meet new people, get friends from diverse back grounds, gain transferable skills, exercise your passion, develop a sense of belonging, and most of all have fun. 

The Department of Student Leadership & Involvement offers a variety of resources to student organization aimed to promote sense of belonging, organization retention, and skill development. To learn more, please see our resources page

With over 600 Recognized Student Organizations, there is an organization for everyone. You can browse the existing list of student organizations by their name, keywords, categories, and more. 

In order to establish, define, and formalize the relationship between Recognized Student Organizations and the University of Utah, University Rule 6-401A has been developed to categorized Recognized Student Organizations into three distinct categories with associated responsibilities and benefits. See below for a brief distinct between the different classifications or click here for a PDF Org Quick Reference Sheet

We're happy that you're interested in starting a new group! The New Student Organization Recognition process is a multi-step process that requires committment and time. From start to finish, it could require several weeks. Instead of rolling recognition, this process utilizes Recognition Periods.  To start a student organization, you will need to attend an information session, submit an application with a name, three students, and a constitution, and attend a brief meeting with a ULEAD Ambassador. By registering your student organization, you will access to the powerful tools of OrgSync to manage and support the organization. It also allows the organization to access a number of other key benefits like applying for ASUU funding, on-campus room reservations (free or reduced cost), leadership training, and more. For additional information about applying for recognition, please see the resource page for starting an organization!

Student Orgs 101How to start a student org



Last Updated: 8/3/18