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Mission, Vision & Values


By offering a variety of events, programs and services, Student Leadership & Involvement at the University of Utah incites students to action, encourages engagement in campus and community service, and provides opportunities that enrich and support personal and academic growth and development, which culminates in a lifelong commitment to effective leadership. 


The Vision of Student Leadership & Involvement is to empower students to be effective leaders, invested in positive change, by serving as a clearinghouse and training ground for impactful engagement across campus, within the community and around the world.   


Student Learning

The ability to create educational environments and experiences that intentionally provide students with opportunities for developing intellectual and interpersonal skills, taking into account that the individual student is an active participant in the process.


The creation and expectation of an inclusive environment where individuals are interdependent and encouraged to express the multiple identities of their authentic self within a mindset of respect and altruism, working towards the greater good of the community as a whole.    


The desire to successfully work with others to provide high quality programs, events and services to best meet the needs of the community with integrity and mindfulness of shared fiscal resources and human capital.

Left to Right: Zitlalli Herrera, Jessica Ashcraft, Ryan Rhodes, Steven Whipple, Abby Feenstra, Isael Torres, Esther Okang

Last Updated: 11/19/18