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What is Campus Connect?

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Campus Connect is a platform that empowers students to connect to campus, discover opportunities, and take charge of their own co-curricular involvement at the U, while also providing user-friendly organization management and communication tools. In Campus Connect, every student is able to document their co-curricular experiences and develop a portfolio of their learning outside the classroom including organization memberships, event participation, leadership positions and community service. This platform will host the Recognized Student Organizations community, campus resources, countless events, and important campus updates.

This summer, Campus Connect will replace OrgSync as the U's student engagement platform. Many of the best features of OrgSync have been incorporated into Campus Connect in addition to several new features like mobile event check-ins and organization elections. The majority of data in OrgSync will be migrated to Campus Connect and the implementation team’s goal is to make this as seamless a transition for you as possible.

Learn More About Campus Connect

Watch a training on Engage, known as Campus Connect, to get familiar with the tools it offers.

When will I have access to Campus Connect?

Campus Connect will be live for the U community at 8 a.m. (MST) on August 1, 2019. The last day to access or update OrgSync will be on July 22, 2019.

Timeline and Important Dates

  • Now- July 22: Keep Using OrgSync and Maintain Up-to-Date Information for Migration
  • July 22: Last day to access or update information in OrgSync
  • July 23: OrgSync goes offline at 8 a.m.
  • July 23-25: Vendor Migration of Data from OrgSync to Campus Connect
  • July 26-31: Campus Admins Ensure Data Migrated Successfully, Test New Platform, and Complete Set-up
  • August 1: Campus Connect Available to Campus Community at 8 a.m.

Existing OrgSync information will be automatically transferred to Campus Connect including:

  • Portals
    • Membership Rosters
    • People & Positions
    • Current Memberships
    • Current and Past events
    • Event Attendance data (swipes)
    • Forms and Form Submissions
    • Documents and Files
    • Photo Albums
  • Users
    • Current Memberships
    • Current and Past event attendance
    • Leadership Positions you are in
    • Your Involvement Record

Unfortunately, the data from previous years' funding requests/ASUU bills will not migrate from OrgSync to Campus Connect. The implementation team highly encourages all student organizations to visit the treasurery tab of their organization's OrgSync portal, locate each budget, click and export them one-by-one, and upload them into the Files tab on the profile. This will ensure that information and data is saved for historical record purposes.

As part of our continued effort to provide you with the tools you need to be successful at the U, we are excited to migrate to a new platform with additional functionality and a more user-friendly interface. Many of the best features of OrgSync have been incorporated into the new and improved platform and several key improvements will enable you to comprehensively manage your involvement outside the classroom in one place. Some of the additional features include, but are not limited to: mobile event check-in, organization elections, connection to voter engagement tools, tracking student involvement, improved ASUU bill/budget request progression tracking, and more.

We will continue to update this website with important information and resources throughout the migration. Community wide updates are available for you to review and more specific updates about your portal will be provided through your umbrella administrator utilizing the OrgSync news and messaging features. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the following representatives from Student Leadership & Involvement:

Jessica Ashcraft, Associate Director, at

Ryan Rhodes, Student Organizations Coordinator, at 

Last Updated: 10/11/19