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Registration and participation in ULEAD is free. Online registration is not required but is highly encouraged. 

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The ULEAD Leadership Certificate is a program that documents the student exploration of leadership in professional and personal life.

Certificate Requirements

Completion of the program requires three (3) hours of workshops in each of the ULEAD areas listed below as well as one (1) qualifying conference. Conferences hosted by Student Leadership & Involvement will automatically count, and interested students can submit alternate conferences they have attended for review.


Diversity & Social Justice Investigate understanding of identity, culture & society when participating in the leadership process. Leadership Theory Multidisciplinary snapshot of historical leadership     theories and their use for  today’s college student.  Ethical Leadership Ethics & values-based   leadership are explored and implications are      considered for leaders, followers and vision. Hard Skills Skills and knowledge to be used in application of current or future         leadership roles, leadership  processes or teams.

 The Theory requirement is waived by taking LDRSP 2020 and the Hard Skills requirement is waived by taking LDRSP 4100.

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